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Dongguan Cowint New Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the printing industry, heat transfer printers, ironing machines, and auxiliary materials for thermal transfer printing. Seeking credibility, management for efficiency, quality for development, service for credibility", to provide customers with high-quality services in the thermal transfer printing industry.
Machine Rubber Paste(Rubber print)

Cowint Machine rubber Paste 

Screen Printing Paste/ink1 Hand Rubber Paste

Cowint Hand rubber Paste 

print matte paste 1 Print Matte Paste

Cowint is established in 1995, has experience of chemical industry more than 20 years,which has set up two major production bases,which are located in Dongguan Zhongtang & Dalang.

glossy ink Glossy Ink

Chemical materials from Cowint are completely eco-friendly and already passed authoritative certification as GOTS,ZDHC,INTERTEK,ECO-PASSPORT.

Swimsuit Paste(Special printing) Swimsuit Paste(Special printing)

Characteristic : Excellent tensile strength and resilience, high fastness, no stick back, excellent manual manipulation, the vast number of dealers, material, printing plant validation is super swimsuit paste quality on the market.

Hi-Density Paste(Special Print) Hi-Density Paste(Special Print)

Characteristics :

1 .high elasticity, soft, easy times thicker than the market thick version of printing fewer half

.has the advantages of simple operation, high fastness, washing (60 degrees temperature)

.good production stability

Imitation Gold/Silver Paste1 Imitation Gold/Silver Paste

Suitable for all kinds of Apply to all kinds of needles, woven fabrics of gold and silver powder (or gold and silverpieces) printing.


With the effect of metallic luster, comparable to bronzing process products, special anti oxidation, dry good brightness, soft feeling, good color fastness to washing

Hot Foil Paste(Foil print) Hot Foil Paste(Foil print)


1, Choose the right foil paper, bronzing paper directly affect the effect of bronzing;

2, the test should ensure that the printing is completely dry, otherwise it will affect the test results;

3, debugging the appropriate pressure, overheating temperature, washing fastness, bronzing effect is very important;

4, wool unlined upper garment unlined upper garment, non solid color bronzing printing, you can properly join the help pulp and other help;

5, if not to heat treatment, to achieve the best effect of this product, it is recommended to add agent (relatively soft) and other additives to speed up cross-linking and improve fastness

Transfer Printing Ink Transfer Print Ink

H160 transfer print ink has good elasticity, good washing fastness and smooth surface, suitable for garment, textile fabric, thermal transfer industry and other fields.

Heat melt powder TPU Hot Melt Powder For Heat Transfer Printing

Cowint supplys item --TPU Hot melt powder with Soft feel and certain resilience, excellent processvability,Excellent adhesion to textiles, PVC, PC. More than ten years of hot melt adhesive development process, professional polymer technology team, we set research, development, production and sales as one. Cowint has won wide recognition and good reputation of the user.

DTF Film Sheet Transfer Printing Film

Our factory produces various types of DTF film, double side matte dtf film is one of them, the advantages of double side matte dtf film are strong ink absorption, high color reproduction, and Easy to peel off. The biggest advantage of Double side matte is that it increases the friction between DTF film and DTF printer, Double side matte dtf film is not easy to slip during printing, and the printing process is more stable

Transfer printing glue Transfer Print Glue

The solid content is 34-36%. Used as a backing adhesive for PET heat transfer printing of floral films, it can be used for hot stamping of plastics such as ABS, PC, PET, PVC, as well as wooden boards and metal spray painted surfaces. Wide application range. Excellent fastness, resistant to 3M tape peeling, silk screen printing and coating

dtf film printer Digital Printing Machine Heat transfer printing all-in-one machine For Label Printing

Cowint  is a professional manufacturer.Digital printer prints out transfer labels, print head: 13200-U1*4PCS, 5㎡/h high-speed production, high-quality output crystal label, fast printing speed, convenient operation

DTG PRO UV LED ink DTF Heat Transfer Pigment splashjet CMYKW printer Ink

brand Printer Ink For Inkjet Printer

Premium Color Compatible Bulk Bottle Water Based Refill Ink

Non-toxic harmless bright colors, good transfer printing effect

polyamide powder DTF Hot Melt Powder Adhesion PET Film For T shirt

Hot melt powder is used in the printing of various textiles, leather, paper, wood and other materials and the preparation of various glues. The glue produced has the characteristics of water resistance, good fastness, fast drying speed, not easy to block the net, and does not affect the color of the ink, and is a new type of environmentally friendly material. Product Details

pet film suppliers Economical D-Matte DTF pet film suppliers

Economical D-Matte DTF pet film suppliers is a relatively new technology that allows users to transfer designs from film to another material. For example, you can use this type of printing to make DIY t-shirts, as the process is perfect for t-shirt transfers. Water-based inks are used to print a unique film that can be stored immediately or used for transfer

Print Auxiliary Fastness Fixer For Textile

print-auxiliary-fastness-fixer-for-textile is an important auxiliary material for printing, it can better save the color on the clothes.

Table Glue Super Sticky Glass Water Table

Cowint is a company engaged in the research of advanced printing pastes. It has a history of 25 years. Now it is a company integrating development, production and sales.

screen printing agent Pigment Thickener

Cowint is a direct production and sales integration, with more than 25 years of water-based production and sales experience.

rective thickener Reactive Thickener

Cowint is a direct production and sales integration, with more than 25 years of water-based production.Focusing on the field of high-end special materials.

Photo Emulsior Photo Emulsior

Photosensitive adhesive is an important product for making screen plates. Today we will take a look at its role.

Photo Emulsion Photo Emulsion

photo emulsion is used to make the pattern of the screen printing screen frame, and the film can also be taken to recycle the screen after it is done.

Net Yarn

Our net yarn is the material used to make screen printing frame. Our net yarn has good fluency and good quality.

Screen Printing Mesh

Screen printing mesh is an important product for making screen frames, and its quality directly affects the printing effect.

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DongGuan Cowint new material technology co.,ltd
Cowint company specializes in R & D, production and sales of high-grade printing materials, transfer hot stamping materials, transfer digital ink, printing silica gel, auxiliaries and other printing and dyeing materials. Meanwhile, with years of industry development experience, Cowint integrates industry resources to provide high-end customers with printing related overall solutions, including providing high-quality bronzing paper, Transfer film, screen fabric, printing and dyeing auxiliary equipment and accessories and other products and services. 
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Dongguan Cowint New Material Technology Co., Ltd., as a high-tech enterprise, in the new era, focused on the high-end brand.Our company specializes in R&D, production and sales of printer in one machine, thermal transfer press, and silicone machine, high-end printing materials, transfer ironing materials, transfer digital ink, printing silicone, auxiliary and other printing materials. At the same time, Covent has used many years of industry development experience to integrate industry resources, provide the overall printing-related solutions for high-end customers.
Company Advantage

Dongguan Cowint New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has 26 years of practical experience in factories. Whether it is technical maturity or team professionalism, it is the first in the industry. Sincere cooperation purpose! Warm service attitude! Professional manufacturing! We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit and guide, and join hands in creating a better future.

  • Monthly production capacity: Transfer printing machine is more than 200 pcs; Heat press machine is 500 pcs, Transfer film is more than 100,000 square meters,printing ink material more 1000tons
  • ISO9001, ISO14000, Oeko Standard 100, GOTS, ZDHC certification,quality assurance.
  • 28 years history, “Top 10 Brand”in China printing material area.
  • 3-5 days delivery time ,Professional route transportation products Manual service 24h online consultation.
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Years of factory experience,supply heat transfer printing machine、Thickened plate sublimation heat press machine、hot melt powder shaking dryer machine、Ink Stable Heat Transfer Mate
Cowint is a professional manufacturer。Digital printer prints out transfer labels, print head: 13200-U1*4PCS, 5㎡/h high-speed production, high-quality output crystal label, fast printing speed, convenient operation
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It is a special shaker for four-nozzle high-speed white ink heat press machine. The product dries more thoroughly, the product is more stable, and it has the effects of no cracking, no foaming, no ink spillage, no edge seepage, and even powder shaking.
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Thermal transfer printing machine, manual pressing machine, 30*40/50*80/80*100 and other heating plates of various sizes, high temperature processing patterns can quickly transfer the logo of the film on the woven fabric, the picture quality is clear, and the hand feels soft.
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Pressing machine printing heat transfer equipment can heat various heat transfer on cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics by heat transfer, and can also perform heat treatment by screen printing, mucilage, foaming and other processes.
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A Brazilian research team has invented a new textile material that can remove the new coronavirus.
Jun 20, 2022
A Brazilian research team has invented a new textile material that can remove the new coronavirus.
According to foreign media, a research team at a Brazilian start-up has developed a new textile material that can eliminate the new coronavirus on its surface in just two minutes, with an efficiency of up to 99.9%, or can be used to make medical masks and protective clothing.According to a report by the Buenos Aires Economic News Network in Argentina on June 17, researchers from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo in Brazil, supported by scientists from the University of Jaime I in Spain, have developed a method that uses two different silver particles. New textile material of impregnated polyester fiber and cotton fabric blend.The project is being developed by a tech startup founded by researchers at the University of São Paulo. Researchers at a research and development center for functional materials in the state of São Paulo are also involved in the project.The start-up, Nanox, is developing antibacterial fabrics and fungicides, and this newly developed material will be used to make medical masks and protective clothing.Luis Gustavo Pagoto Simmons, head of Nanox, said: "We have applied for a patent for this technology and are in talks with two Brazilian textile companies. Once negotiated, the two companies will use the The technology makes medical masks and protective clothing."The results of tests conducted by the researchers showed that the fabric impregnated with silver microparticles inactivated 99.9 percent of the virus after only two minutes of contaminating its surface with organic matter, the report said.Lucio Freitas Junior, a researcher at the University of Sao Paulo and one of the leaders of the study, said: "The amount of Covid-19 that we used to contaminate the fabric during the test was much higher than the environment in which the medical masks were exposed. The number of viruses in the cells. Even in this case, the new material is able to clear the virus with high efficiency."The researchers are still testing the duration of the fabric's antiviral effects. Other materials previously developed by the company have antibacterial capabilities that last up to 30 washes.Simons said: "This fabric is the first development of the use of silver particles to inactivate the new coronavirus, and we will soon develop more kinds of anti-viral fabrics."
Gathering business opportunities, strengthening confidence, and chaining the future, the China Textile Federation Autumn Joint Exhibition will set sail again in August!
Jun 20, 2022
Gathering business opportunities, strengthening confidence, and chaining the future, the China Textile Federation Autumn Joint Exhibition will set sail again in August!
In the critical period when the current epidemic prevention and control situation is improving and the domestic economy is accelerating the recovery and development, the annual event of the textile industry - the 2022 China Textile Federation Autumn Joint Exhibition will be restarted again, bringing together China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo, China International Garment Apparel Expo (autumn), China International Textile Yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition and China International Knitting (autumn and winter) expo four professional exhibitions will be unveiled at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from August 29 to 31.This is not only a gathering of exhibitors, exhibitors, and audiences eagerly looking forward to after a few months of silence, but also an important business exchange and docking platform for industry companies to demonstrate their strength, expand markets, and seek business opportunities. We will strengthen the confidence of the whole industry and accelerate the coordinated resumption of work and production of upstream and downstream enterprises. We will try our best to recover the time and losses caused by the epidemic, and strive to compose textiles and garments on the road of a new journey with practical actions. new chapter.Gather pioneers and integrate innovationSince 2020, the ups and downs of the epidemic have continued to test the resilience of the supply chain of my country's textile and apparel industry chain. Especially since March, the spread of the domestic epidemic has caused many textile and garment enterprises to face huge challenges in their production and operations. It has become the consensus of everyone to adjust and optimize the layout of the supply chain, build a truly competitive industrial chain advantage, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the textile and garment industry supply chain.At this time, the co-frequency linkage of the four exhibitions at the same time and in the same place will undoubtedly provide a steady stream of new impetus and new potential energy for the restart of the industry, promote the docking, communication and integration and innovation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, and promote the formation of a coordinated, efficient and smooth industry. Chain supply chain, strong development of resilience and anti-risk capabilities, and ultimately achieve a symbiosis and win-win situation for upstream and downstream enterprises. From textile fabrics and accessories, apparel, to yarn and knitting, new products, new technologies and new trends in the textile industry are gathered here. The four exhibitions work together to demonstrate the solid strength of China's textile and apparel industry.At the same time, each exhibition will hold a series of rich and diverse activities, through fashion trend release, forum salon, new product launch conference, live broadcast tour, high-quality selection and other forms, to output value information and help the industry to move forward.Gather business and seek common development"Golden Nine Silver Ten" has always been the peak season for textile and apparel trade, especially when the local epidemic prevention and control situation is becoming more and more stable, industry enterprises are stepping up to restore the previous level of production and operation. It has become the best choice for enterprises to seize the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" business opportunities with "recovery".Digital technology empowers business and trade. The four exhibitions will upgrade digital services, realize online and offline dual-track linkage, integrate omni-channel industry resources with digital technology, and help exhibitors and professional visitors connect efficiently during the exhibition. At the same time, a large number of professional audiences and channel resources will gather on the scene, and a series of business activities and customized precision business services will also release a large amount of backlog in the industry and stimulate market vitality again."Good things come from hard things, and brilliance always comes from hard work." Although the complexity, severity and uncertainty of my country's economic development environment are on the rise, there are always more ways than difficulties. In the face of the pressure in the early stage, many companies have seized the opportunity to transform production processes, promote digital transformation, and constantly innovate and polish "internal strength" to enhance their competitiveness. The China Textile Federation will also continue to provide services for enterprises, guide and help enterprises to seize the opportunity of integrated development of domestic and foreign trade, nurture opportunities in the crisis, and open new situations in the changing situation, so as to better promote the docking of domestic and foreign markets, Gradually form a new pattern of domestic and international "dual circulation".Gather business opportunities, strengthen confidence, and chain the future. At that time, the China Textile Federation's autumn joint exhibition will gather the power of the textile industry to innovate, forge ahead, and meet everyone at the Convention and Exhibition Center (go to the country sea).
Factors Affecting Color Paste Application
Jun 18, 2022
Factors Affecting Color Paste Application
When printing textiles with special paints, there must be printing pastes with different characteristics first, so let's review its origin. In the pigment printing of knitted fabrics, under its elastic extension, white spots (also called white ink) will appear in the printing part. Gold and silver powder printing is also affected by the low pH value of the pigment paste.Factors affecting the application (1) The contact time T (s) of the color paste movement element in the wedge-shaped area means that a certain mesh of the rotary screen starts from entering the wedge-shaped area of the paste storage and leaves the imprinting point (the contact point between the scraper or the magnetic bar and the rotary screen) ), the elapsed time is determined by the width B (mm) of the wedge-shaped area and the printing speed V (m/s): T=B/V.B can be calculated from the amount of printing paste pressed into the wedge-shaped area and the geometric characteristics. It is generally believed that the high printing speed will make the color paste more squeezed and increase the amount of paste. But in fact, it was found that high printing speed will reduce the amount of application, while the reduction of printing speed will increase the amount of pulp. The reason is that the high printing speed reduces the time, the contact time between the mesh and the color paste is reduced, and the amount of color paste exudation is reduced. Practice has proved that this factor is more dominant than other factors. The greater the viscosity of the colorant, the greater the effect of speed changes.In recent years, there have been reports in our country that the method of blending is used to modify it, but the emulsion is unstable and the film strength is greatly reduced. However, the method of copolymerization is used for modification, and there are few researches and applications at present. Through the silicone-modified acrylic resin leather finishing agent, the coating from the bottom layer to the middle layer can achieve very good surface performance with the same paste. Main quality indicators Emulsion appearance, fluorescent milky white liquid thermal stability, no precipitation chemical stability, is a general-purpose high-grade leather special finishing agent.
Research on Levelling Agents Commonly Used in Printing and Dyeing Dyes
Jun 18, 2022
Research on Levelling Agents Commonly Used in Printing and Dyeing Dyes
How to avoid unevenness in the printing and dyeing process is one of the important indicators of the quality of the printing and dyeing process. Leveling agent is an auxiliary agent used to make the dye evenly dyed on the dyed object. One of the functions of the leveling agent is enough to make the dye adsorbed by the fiber relatively slowly, and secondly, when the dyeing is uneven, it makes the dye in the dark part move to the light part, and finally achieves leveling. Therefore, retardation and migration are the two most important functions of leveling agents.In recent years, various new fibers have been widely used in the printing and dyeing industry. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, various types of leveling agents have been developed. The development of leveling agents for dyes is reviewed to better promote the research of leveling agents in my country.1. Levelling agent for reactive dyesThe dyeing of cellulose fibers, at present, the proportion of reactive dyes is the largest. Reactive dyes are water-soluble dyes containing reactive groups, which can chemically combine with macromolecules such as cotton, wool, and silk, so the soaping and rubbing of dyed fabrics are fast. degree is very high. The commonly used leveling agents are generally nonionic surfactants. In addition to nonionic surfactants, anionic leveling agents and complexes of nonionic and anionic surfactants have also been frequently used in recent years.The hydrophobic groups of commonly used 1F ionic surfactants can be higher alcohols, higher fatty acids, higher alkylamines, etc. The hydrophobic groups are above C12, and long-chain alkyl groups of C16 and C18 are ideal, which can be hydrophilic with polyoxyethylene. Water groups form ether-bonded, ester-bonded, amine-bonded, etc. linked forms.The commonly used leveling agents Pingping 0, leveling agent 102 and leveling agent OP have a certain leveling effect on the dyed part of reactive dyes. Because the long molecular chain of this type of leveling agent contains polyoxyalkyl ether, it can form loose oxygen bonds with hydroxyl (-OH), amino (-NH) and other groups in the dye molecule. On the one hand, it combines with the dye to form a relaxed complex in the dye liquor, which hinders the adsorption and dyeing of the dye, thus playing a role in retarding the dyeing; It further promotes the uniform adsorption of dyes. For example, leveling agent WE for wool is aliphatic amine polyoxyethylene ether, which belongs to non-ionic/weak cationic type. It is mainly used as leveling agent for reactive dyeing of wool, which can improve the color supply. Affects the dyeing percentage, and also has excellent leveling effect in medium, neutral, weak acid and metal complex dyes.2. Anionic surfactantsAnionic dispersing and leveling agents are dye affinity leveling agents. Anionic surfactants have the same ionic type as reactive dyes. The mechanism of preempting the dyeing mat is adopted to slow down the dyeing speed of dyes. Leveling agent EDER is an anionic leveling agent whose chemical composition is a complex of aromatic polyether sulfonates. It is a relatively new type of anionic leveling agent. Its advantages are as follows:1) The leveling agent EDER has a certain chelating and dispersing adjustment function for heavy metal ions such as calcium and magnesium, and improves the quality of dyes; (2) In the |: dye adsorption stage, it has excellent retarding performance, and controls the dye to evenly dye and adsorb. ; (3) In the fixation stage, buffer the pH of the dye bath to ensure that the dye is fixed evenly and evenly to avoid uneven fixation; (4) No adverse effect on the dyeing fastness of the fabric.Cotton dispersing and leveling agent 40Dx produced by Shanghai Daxlang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Daxlang) is a new type of dispersing and leveling agent for cellulose fibers dyed with reactive dyes. In addition, it also has the effect of preventing the secondary agglomeration of metal ions such as calcium and magnesium and dyes to cause dye spots; it does not affect the final color, and has low foaming properties.In addition, there are reactive dye leveling agent 640 and Daimian ER which have good leveling properties for reactive dyeing.3. Compounds of nonionic and anionic surfactantsNonionic surfactants obtain retarding effect by combining oxygen atoms on polyoxyethylene bonds with dye molecules by oxygen bonds. At present, most of the nylon leveling agents provided by auxiliary manufacturers are anionic/nonionic composite leveling agents, mainly including nylon leveling agent M-2200 (Hangzhou Meigao Huayi Chemical), leveling agent SWP Ningbo Xinghua Chemical), Nylon Leveling Agent N-1l (Shanghai Daxiang Chemical), Nylon Leveling Agent GND (Nantong Sint Chemical), Leveling Agent FK460 (Beijing China Textile Chemical), Leveling Agent TBW-951 (Guangdong Demei Chemical) , Nylon leveling agent rrs (Wuxi Changsheng Fine Chemicals).2. Levelling agent for disperse dyes1. Polyester fabricWhen dyeing polyester with disperse dyes, the levelness is good, and the dyeing fastness is very high. At present, disperse dyes are mostly used for high temperature and high pressure dyeing in polyester dyeing processing, but it is difficult to color dark dyes and causes environmental pollution.Product development has been the most active research topic in the textile industry for the past two decades. The superfine polyester fabric has a fast color absorption rate, and an appropriate leveling agent should be added to the dyeing bath to improve leveling. The leveling agent should have the following conditions: (1) good retarding effect; (2) good migration effect; (3) good dispersing effect, especially at higher temperatures (such as 80-120 ℃) Dispersion of dyes; (4) Does not affect dye uptake and shade; (5) Good stability against hard water and various heavy metal ions. For example, the leveling agent RDP=2000 is made of polyol and aromatic acid after reaction, and then compounded with emulsifier. It belongs to non-ionic and anionic compound leveling agent. RDP-2000 has strong permeability and dye migration, which can improve the high temperature dispersibility of disperse dyes to a certain extent. The advantages are: (1) easy application and good effect; (2) wide technological adaptability; (3) effectively inhibiting tar spot and color spot phenomenon; (4) no adverse effect on the color light and fastness of dyestuffs. The new polyester high temperature leveling agent WYR-1 is developed by using sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, sodium dodecyl polyoxyethylene ether sulfate, polyoxyethylene (7) glycerin cocoate and surfactant WYR. The performance test and application show that WYR-l has good dye dispersibility, levelness, migration and dye uptake, low bubble point and cloud point higher than 100℃.2. Polyester microfiberCompared with ordinary fibers, microfibers have the characteristics of small monofilament fineness, large specific surface area and high content of amorphous area, which are easy to cause uneven dyeing. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable leveling agent.The leveling agent TF-215 developed by Zhejiang Transchemical Co., Ltd. can significantly reduce the initial adsorption percentage of disperse dyes, improve the desorption and migration of dyes at the initial stage and at high temperature, and increase the high temperature dispersibility and compatibility of dyes. Traditional disperse dyes can be used for microfiber dyeing in the presence of leveling agent TF-215.In addition, β-cyclodextrin is also an effective leveling agent in the study of dispersion dyeing of polyester microfibers. Cyclodextrin is a polycyclic glucose obtained by biotechnology, by degrading polysaccharide starch by cyclodextrin glucosyltransferase. Among them, the special cyclic structure of β-cyclodextrin can form inclusion complexes with most cationic dyes, so that they can be released slowly during the dyeing process, and the E dyeing rate can be slowed down to play a level dyeing effect. And the use of β-cyclodextrin does not affect the final surface color depth and color fastness of the dye, but it is not suitable to be used together with surfactants. The β-cyclodextrin ring has a moderate size, high solubility in water and biodegradation, and has a wide application prospect in printing and dyeing processing.
Research progress of special paint printing paste
Jun 18, 2022
Research progress of special paint printing paste
Since the application of pigment printing on textiles in the mid-1950s, my country has undergone continuous improvement and innovation, but the research on special pigment printing pastes has been slow and the effect is not good.The pre-emulsification process is to emulsify part of the monomers at room temperature before entering the reactor, so that the organosiloxane and acrylate can be effectively formed into monomer particles adsorbed by the emulsifier, and the dispersion is relatively uniform. When it is gradually added to the reaction kettle for chemical reaction, the polycondensation reaction of the organosiloxane itself and the free radical copolymerization reaction between it and the acrylate proceed simultaneously. At this time, the emulsifier adsorbed on the monomer particles gradually Transfer to the surface of latex particles to ensure the stability of the new polymer system generated by the reaction, reduce gel generation, and finally form a uniform and stable copolymer emulsion.Modification of acrylate with 5% to 10% of silicone monomer can make the synthetic paint printing adhesive feel soft and smooth. Adding 2% to 4% of N-methylol acrylamide can effectively improve the rubbing fastness of the pigment printing adhesive. Anionic/nonionic composite emulsification system (1:3) dosage 3%~4%, butyl acrylate dosage 50%~75%, ethyl acrylate dosage 20%~30%, acrylonitrile dosage 10%~15%, styrene The dosage of 5% to 10%, the dosage of acrylic acid is 2% to 4%, and the organic siloxane and reactive monomer are added. The synthesized paint printing adhesive has excellent performance and stable system. The pre-emulsification process of mixing organosiloxane and acrylic monomers can make the polymerization process safe and smooth, the polymer product system is stable, and there is no gel and oily phenomenon.
The difference between acid dyes and direct dyes
Jun 18, 2022
The difference between acid dyes and direct dyes
Acid dyes have complete chromatograms, bright colors, and the light fastness and wet fastness vary greatly with the variety of dyes. Mainly used for dyeing wool, silk and nylon, but also for leather, paper, ink, etc. Generally no coloring power to cellulose fibers.Direct dyes have water-soluble groups such as sulfonic acid group (-SO3H) or cause group (-COON) arranged in a linear molecular structure. The aromatic ring structure is in the same plane, so the direct dye has a greater affinity for cellulose fibers, and it can be dyed directly in a neutral medium as long as the dye is dissolved in dry water.Compared with the two, acid dyes have a simple structure and lack long conjugated double bonds and a flat structure, so they lack directness to cellulose fibers and cannot be used for dyeing cellulose fibers.
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