Factors Affecting Color Paste Application
Time:Jun 18, 2022

When printing textiles with special paints, there must be printing pastes with different characteristics first, so let's review its origin. In the pigment printing of knitted fabrics, under its elastic extension, white spots (also called white ink) will appear in the printing part. Gold and silver powder printing is also affected by the low pH value of the pigment paste.

Factors affecting the application (1) The contact time T (s) of the color paste movement element in the wedge-shaped area means that a certain mesh of the rotary screen starts from entering the wedge-shaped area of the paste storage and leaves the imprinting point (the contact point between the scraper or the magnetic bar and the rotary screen) ), the elapsed time is determined by the width B (mm) of the wedge-shaped area and the printing speed V (m/s): T=B/V.B can be calculated from the amount of printing paste pressed into the wedge-shaped area and the geometric characteristics. It is generally believed that the high printing speed will make the color paste more squeezed and increase the amount of paste. But in fact, it was found that high printing speed will reduce the amount of application, while the reduction of printing speed will increase the amount of pulp. The reason is that the high printing speed reduces the time, the contact time between the mesh and the color paste is reduced, and the amount of color paste exudation is reduced. Practice has proved that this factor is more dominant than other factors. The greater the viscosity of the colorant, the greater the effect of speed changes.

In recent years, there have been reports in our country that the method of blending is used to modify it, but the emulsion is unstable and the film strength is greatly reduced. However, the method of copolymerization is used for modification, and there are few researches and applications at present. Through the silicone-modified acrylic resin leather finishing agent, the coating from the bottom layer to the middle layer can achieve very good surface performance with the same paste. Main quality indicators Emulsion appearance, fluorescent milky white liquid thermal stability, no precipitation chemical stability, is a general-purpose high-grade leather special finishing agent.

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