Epson Nozzle Printing Thermal Transfer Heat Transfer Thermal Transfer Printer
Time:Dec 28, 2021

Do you want to switch clothes labels freely?;

At present, there are two main working principles of thermal transfer printers on the market: piezoelectric printing and thermal foaming. Epson printers use piezoelectric printing. Piezoelectric printers will not change the chemical properties of thermal transfer ink because only changing the mechanical pressure. The pressure ejects the ink from the nozzle to form images of different shades; suitable for thermal transfer. The R210/230/270/290/Me series of the EPSON series are the most suitable printers for personal thermal transfer.

Products printed by thermal transfer can stand the test of time and remain unchanged for a long time. The text can be stored for a long time, does not fade, will not be worn due to contact with solvents, will not be deformed and discolored due to high temperature, and so on.

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With the maturity and popularization of technology, the price of heat transfer printing machine has dropped significantly to a level acceptable to the general public. However, many people still do not know that with the price reduction of printing consumables, the price of direct thermal transfer printing is actually lower than the cost of printing.

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