Research progress of special paint printing paste
Time:Jun 18, 2022

Since the application of pigment printing on textiles in the mid-1950s, my country has undergone continuous improvement and innovation, but the research on special pigment printing pastes has been slow and the effect is not good.

The pre-emulsification process is to emulsify part of the monomers at room temperature before entering the reactor, so that the organosiloxane and acrylate can be effectively formed into monomer particles adsorbed by the emulsifier, and the dispersion is relatively uniform. When it is gradually added to the reaction kettle for chemical reaction, the polycondensation reaction of the organosiloxane itself and the free radical copolymerization reaction between it and the acrylate proceed simultaneously. At this time, the emulsifier adsorbed on the monomer particles gradually Transfer to the surface of latex particles to ensure the stability of the new polymer system generated by the reaction, reduce gel generation, and finally form a uniform and stable copolymer emulsion.

Modification of acrylate with 5% to 10% of silicone monomer can make the synthetic paint printing adhesive feel soft and smooth. Adding 2% to 4% of N-methylol acrylamide can effectively improve the rubbing fastness of the pigment printing adhesive. Anionic/nonionic composite emulsification system (1:3) dosage 3%~4%, butyl acrylate dosage 50%~75%, ethyl acrylate dosage 20%~30%, acrylonitrile dosage 10%~15%, styrene The dosage of 5% to 10%, the dosage of acrylic acid is 2% to 4%, and the organic siloxane and reactive monomer are added. The synthesized paint printing adhesive has excellent performance and stable system. The pre-emulsification process of mixing organosiloxane and acrylic monomers can make the polymerization process safe and smooth, the polymer product system is stable, and there is no gel and oily phenomenon.

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