Cowint Special Rubber Paste,Special Screen Printing Rubber Paste

  • Hot Foil Paste(Foil print)


    1, Choose the right foil paper, bronzing paper directly affect the effect of bronzing;

    2, the test should ensure that the printing is completely dry, otherwise it will affect the test results;

    3, debugging the appropriate pressure, overheating temperature, washing fastness, bronzing effect is very important;

    4, wool unlined upper garment unlined upper garment, non solid color bronzing printing, you can properly join the help pulp and other help;

    5, if not to heat treatment, to achieve the best effect of this product, it is recommended to add agent (relatively soft) and other additives to speed up cross-linking and improve fastness

  • Swimsuit Paste(Special printing)

    Characteristic : Excellent tensile strength and resilience, high fastness, no stick back, excellent manual manipulation, the vast number of dealers, material, printing plant validation is super swimsuit paste quality on the market.

  • Hi-Density Paste(Special Print)

    Characteristics :

    1 .high elasticity, soft, easy times thicker than the market thick version of printing fewer half

    .has the advantages of simple operation, high fastness, washing (60 degrees temperature)

    .good production stability

  • Imitation Gold/Silver Paste1

    Suitable for all kinds of Apply to all kinds of needles, woven fabrics of gold and silver powder (or gold and silverpieces) printing.


    With the effect of metallic luster, comparable to bronzing process products, special anti oxidation, dry good brightness, soft feeling, good color fastness to washing

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