Gathering business opportunities, strengthening confidence, and chaining the future, the China Textile Federation Autumn Joint Exhibition will set sail again in August!
Time:Jun 20, 2022

In the critical period when the current epidemic prevention and control situation is improving and the domestic economy is accelerating the recovery and development, the annual event of the textile industry - the 2022 China Textile Federation Autumn Joint Exhibition will be restarted again, bringing together China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo, China International Garment Apparel Expo (autumn), China International Textile Yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition and China International Knitting (autumn and winter) expo four professional exhibitions will be unveiled at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from August 29 to 31.

This is not only a gathering of exhibitors, exhibitors, and audiences eagerly looking forward to after a few months of silence, but also an important business exchange and docking platform for industry companies to demonstrate their strength, expand markets, and seek business opportunities. We will strengthen the confidence of the whole industry and accelerate the coordinated resumption of work and production of upstream and downstream enterprises. We will try our best to recover the time and losses caused by the epidemic, and strive to compose textiles and garments on the road of a new journey with practical actions. new chapter.

Gather pioneers and integrate innovation

Since 2020, the ups and downs of the epidemic have continued to test the resilience of the supply chain of my country's textile and apparel industry chain. Especially since March, the spread of the domestic epidemic has caused many textile and garment enterprises to face huge challenges in their production and operations. It has become the consensus of everyone to adjust and optimize the layout of the supply chain, build a truly competitive industrial chain advantage, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the textile and garment industry supply chain.

At this time, the co-frequency linkage of the four exhibitions at the same time and in the same place will undoubtedly provide a steady stream of new impetus and new potential energy for the restart of the industry, promote the docking, communication and integration and innovation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain, and promote the formation of a coordinated, efficient and smooth industry. Chain supply chain, strong development of resilience and anti-risk capabilities, and ultimately achieve a symbiosis and win-win situation for upstream and downstream enterprises. From textile fabrics and accessories, apparel, to yarn and knitting, new products, new technologies and new trends in the textile industry are gathered here. The four exhibitions work together to demonstrate the solid strength of China's textile and apparel industry.

At the same time, each exhibition will hold a series of rich and diverse activities, through fashion trend release, forum salon, new product launch conference, live broadcast tour, high-quality selection and other forms, to output value information and help the industry to move forward.

Gather business and seek common development

"Golden Nine Silver Ten" has always been the peak season for textile and apparel trade, especially when the local epidemic prevention and control situation is becoming more and more stable, industry enterprises are stepping up to restore the previous level of production and operation. It has become the best choice for enterprises to seize the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" business opportunities with "recovery".

Digital technology empowers business and trade. The four exhibitions will upgrade digital services, realize online and offline dual-track linkage, integrate omni-channel industry resources with digital technology, and help exhibitors and professional visitors connect efficiently during the exhibition. At the same time, a large number of professional audiences and channel resources will gather on the scene, and a series of business activities and customized precision business services will also release a large amount of backlog in the industry and stimulate market vitality again.

"Good things come from hard things, and brilliance always comes from hard work." Although the complexity, severity and uncertainty of my country's economic development environment are on the rise, there are always more ways than difficulties. In the face of the pressure in the early stage, many companies have seized the opportunity to transform production processes, promote digital transformation, and constantly innovate and polish "internal strength" to enhance their competitiveness. The China Textile Federation will also continue to provide services for enterprises, guide and help enterprises to seize the opportunity of integrated development of domestic and foreign trade, nurture opportunities in the crisis, and open new situations in the changing situation, so as to better promote the docking of domestic and foreign markets, Gradually form a new pattern of domestic and international "dual circulation".

Gather business opportunities, strengthen confidence, and chain the future. At that time, the China Textile Federation's autumn joint exhibition will gather the power of the textile industry to innovate, forge ahead, and meet everyone at the Convention and Exhibition Center (go to the country sea).

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