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Hand Rubber Paste

Cowint Hand rubber Paste 

  • packing :

  • Shelf life :

  • materia :

  • Material Type :

    Water base
  • Scope of application :

    Screen Printing
  • Certification :

  • Quality :

  • Product name :

    Hand rubber white paste
Product Details

Hand Rubber Paste

Products Information

Suitable for all kinds of needle, woven cotton, T/C cloth, cotton, Lycra cotton and modal, high elastic fabric



High fastness, high elasticity, very soft, not back stick, good coverage, pressure can be folded in half a long

time, it is not easy to take a bad.

Environmental protection:

The SGS test results of formaldehyde, APEO, PVC/ phthalates, heavy metals, the four items meet the EU


The proportion

Product White or Light color Middle color Deep color

W 90-100% 40-50% 0-20%

C 0-20% 50-60% 80-100%

The process

Printing Dry in natural Bake with heat (Dry enough) Finish .

After dry completely,washing testing by 60 or below, with 5 times45 minutes/each times

Advice :

1, the amount of color shall not exceed the normal standard;

2, the test should ensure that the printing is completely dry, otherwise it will affect the test results;

3, if not after heat treatment, to achieve the best effect of this product, recommended agent (relatively soft) and other additives, to accelerate the crosslinking rate; or add Japan fixing agent is also available.

In verbal or written just the technical advice to show our Companies sincerity, but for our product ,the user companies still have your responsibility for test, to verify whether is suitable for the process and to use; Given theuse of the products of our company process conditions are not my company control, and therefore should be fully

responsible by the users themselves.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.