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Glossy Ink

Chemical materials from Cowint are completely eco-friendly and already passed authoritative certification as GOTS,ZDHC,INTERTEK,ECO-PASSPORT.

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Product Details

Glossy ink/Glossy Paste

Screen printing inkglass reflective effect glossy ink for clothes

Chemical materials from Cowint are completely eco-friendly and already passed authoritative certification as GOTS, ZDHC, INTERTEK, ECO-PASSPORT.

Bright color, good fastness and washable.

Product Introduction

Glossy ink is suitable for the mucilage surface covering with light or with light color printing.

Product Parameter


Product feature

This item - the effect of glossy ink is Surface light specially, glass reflective effect, transparent, no sticky back.


It is suitable for mucilage surface covering with light or with light color printing.

Production process

1.Add 1%CT-31 fixer stir well before use

2.After finish the printing →Print the PU glossy ink in the surface once Advice

3.When testing shall ensure that printed completely dry, otherwise it will affect the test result.


The slurry storage for a long time, there may be a layer of membrane surface when belong to the normal phenomenon, please fully stir well when using or film or removed, does not affect the printing effect.

Product Certificate

ZDHC Certification (Zero Emission of Harmful Chemicals) Alliance is a group of clothing and footwear industry brands and retailers including Adidas, BENETTON, BURBERRY, C&A, ESPRIT, G-Starraw, GAP, H&M, INDITEX, JackWolfskin, LEVI's, Lbrands, Li-Ning, M&S, NB, NIKE, PUMA, PVH, etc.

Members brand make joint, and in November 2011, in June 2014 issued a joint roadmap and production limit with material list (MRSL: ManufacturingRestrictedSubstancesList1), promises to guide clothing and footwear industry by 2020, in all the products in the supply chain emissions all the way to achieve zero discharge harmful chemicals.

The ZDHC, which aims to achieve zero emissions of hazardous chemicals in the clothing and footwear supply chain, has released an updated version of its Production-Restricted Substances List (MRSL).

The update adds a new section on natural leather treatment.

The ZDHC certification comprises a number of well-known apparel and footwear brands that are working closely with third-party technical experts and global industry associations to pledge to help lead the apparel and footwear industry to achieve zero hazardous chemical emissions by 2020.

The first version of MRSL was released in June 2014, helping manufacturers, manufacturers and the supply chain to limit the use and emissions of potentially restricted substances.

The ZDHC MRSL establishes a list of priority chemicals and specifies limits on the concentration of such substances in chemical formulations used in the manufacture of clothing and footwear materials and trimmers.

These limits are set to exclude the possibility of deliberate use of substances on the list.

ZDHC MRSL is a list of chemicals, and is limited by use of things on the list, including used as a raw material production and wet process, maintenance, waste water, sanitation and pest control of solvents, detergents, adhesives, paint, printing ink, detergents, dyes, colorants, additives, coating and chemical finishing agent.

On December 9, 2015, ZDHC certification released an updated version of MRSL with a new chapter on natural leather treatment.

The 2014 MRSL only focuses on textile production, with natural leather treatment and metal trim not covered by the control.

The 2015 edition of MRSL suggests that hazardous substances listed on MRSL that are likely to be used in natural leather processing must also be restricted.

ZDHC's mission is to promote zero emissions of hazardous chemicals in the textile and footwear supply chain.

This will be achieved through sustainable chemical development in the textile and footwear industries, providing better protection for consumers, workers and the environment.


Customer cooperation and evaluation

We are supported by strong power of researching and producing,is one of major printing&dying chemical manufacturers in China specializing in research, development, medium and high grade printing chemicals materials. Cowint goods are not only selling well in China, but also exported to countries and regions (especial the area covering “The Belt and Road” ),ncluding Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Egypt and South Africa and so on.COWINT, Cooperation win together!We are expecting become your trusted and long-term partner in China .

Transport ship

All the emulsions/additives are water based and can be shipped without any risk.

The best storage temperature is at 5-35 degree Celsius for 6 months. Exposed in direct sunlight or be placed at minus 0 degree Celsius are prohibited.

The emulsions/additives are packed in 200kgs. plastic/iron barrels, 1000kgs. Environmental and recycle barrels and bottle packing,

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