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Transfer Print Ink

H160 transfer print ink has good elasticity, good washing fastness and smooth surface, suitable for garment, textile fabric, thermal transfer industry and other fields.

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    Transfer print ink
Product Details

Heat Transfer Printing InkFactory offer Transfer print ink

Cowint has produced H160 transfer print ink for more than 20 years,which effects are good elasticity, good washing fastness and smooth surface.We are supported by strong power of researching and producing,is one of major printing&dying chemical manufacturers in China specializing in research, development, medium and high grade printing chemicals materials.

Product Introduction

H160 transfer print ink has good elasticity, good washing fastness and smooth surface, suitable for garment, textile fabric, thermal transfer industry and other fields.

Product Parameter (specification)




1.Direct printing has been four color printed on the film 2-3 times;

2.Printing clear paste one time;

3.Start the film and sprinkle the hot melt powder (H160-P5) before the clear paste drying;

4.Overheating 120 degrees Celsius, time 60 seconds;


At present, the owint brand series products have got the recognition and praise and other garment famous brands, and have gained great market popularity. The products are best selling in domestic market and international markets of Cambodia,Bangladesh,India,Indonisia,Turkey.We have warehouses in Southeast Asia, so it's easy to consult us if you have any questions

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Q1:What terms of payment are available ?

A:T/T, L/C, Paypal, etc.

Q2: How to place an order ?

A: Please provide us more details, such as: buyer information, contact person and contact info, quantity details, packing requirement, port of destination and so on.

Q3: What is the express delivery?

A: DHL, Fedex, TNT ,EMS, UPS etc.

Q4: Warranty

A: H160 heat transfer print ink Quality guarantee: 12 months.

Q5: After-sale service?

A: After you receive our product H160 heat transfer print ink, if you have any questions or need any assistance, we can provide you the after-sale service by e-mail, skype, telephone and WhatsApp etc.

More information

Why do I have to use Epson ink jet printer for heat transfer printing?

We must use Epson ink-jet printers, such as Epson 230, 1100 and other inkjet printers. Canon and HP printers are not available at present. Because the ink-jet mode of Epson printer is piezoelectric printing, it is controlled by computer to change the current of the micro piezoelectric ceramic chip of the print head to produce different pressure, and spray the ink out of the nozzle to form different depth images. Other models such as canon printer belong to the principle of thermal foaming, it is through heating the ink to form a high temperature and high pressure ink column printed on paper. A kind of Piezoelectric printer can be widely used in thermal transfer industry because it only changes the mechanical pressure and does not change the chemical properties of heat transfer ink. If the heat transfer ink passes through the high temperature and high pressure thermal foaming printer, its chemical composition will change, the printed paper can not be thermal transfer printing, or serious color deviation, so it can not be used. A kind of Epson 4-color or 6-color printer to change the continuous supply, pour heat transfer ink can be used. The continuous supply system is a large ink cartridge with six small boxes containing six different inks, but can be supplied at the same time. The printer must be changed to supply continuously before hot transfer. A kind of On the other hand, HP's innovation is not stable. Canon's ink cartridge and nozzle are together, while Epson is separate. If Epson is modified, a piece of ink cartridge slot needs to be broken off, and Canon's is not used. But I personally prefer Epson, which is slower than Canon's, but has better print quality, especially photos.

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