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Print Matte Paste

Cowint is established in 1995, has experience of chemical industry more than 20 years,which has set up two major production bases,which are located in Dongguan Zhongtang & Dalang.

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print matte paste

Hot products screen printing ink print matte paste for clothes

Cowint is established in 1995, has experience of chemical industry more than 20 years,which has set up two major production bases,which are located in Dongguan Zhongtang & Dalang.

Feel smooth, anti - scratch strong, dry and wet - resistant rub.

Product Introduction

Print matte paste is suitable suitable for printing on the surface of adhesive paste. The effect of print matte paste is matte, dry surface.

Product specification


Production process

①Add 1%CT-27 auxiliary first, fully stir before use.

②Cover the printing with one time

Company workshop and cultural construction

We always following the value of “Cooperation win together”. With sound business credit, excellent after-sales service, and modern manufacturing facilities, we have earned an excellent reputation among our customers across the globe.The professional after-sales team solves a variety of after-sales issues.


Customer cooperation and evaluation

We are supported by strong power of researching and producing,is one of major printing&dying chemical manufacturers in China specializing in research, development, medium and high grade printing chemicals materials. We are expecting become your trusted and long-term partner in China . Cowint goods are not only selling well in China, but also exported to countries and regions (especial the area covering “The Belt and Road” ),ncluding Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Egypt and South Africa and so on.COWINT, Cooperation win together!



In clothing printing, screen printing is the most used technology, in screen printing, T-shirt is the most used screen printing.

90% of the t-shirts bought in the outside shops are screen printing. Screen printing technology is relatively complex, mainly including design, film production, plate drying, printing and drying.

● A design.

Screen printing is based on vector output plate printing.

In theory, all the patterns can be screen printed to restore the customer's design.

It's just that as you go from drawing to printing, a series of transformations will vary depending on the accuracy of the actual conditions.The simplest way to tell if a guest's design can be realized is to zoom in to a one-to-one size on a computer monitor.

If the design details, colors, can be clearly identified, expressed, the naked eye can see clearly.Then it can be realized in the process of printing.

So when doing the design draft, try to provide the original vector design to the factory.

(such as AI CDR and other software drawings) If there is a design draft is used bitmap (such as PS production) try to provide PSD format source files.

● Two films

A film, similar to a photographic negative.

The principle of film production is a reverse process from composition. During composition, design USES different colors, shapes, combinations, superpositions, etc., to form a desired pattern.

The reverse movement during the production of film is to separate each color element needed for the composition of a completed design pattern by splitting the colors of the guests and combining them.

Output the black film needed for plate making.

Most of the silk screen printing film output, using spot color output.

That is, each design of the color composition, the need for a film, made into a spot color screen for printing (until the appearance of CMYK four-color printing).

● Three sun version

Print, the use of photosensitive technology.

Through photosensitive materials, will, and don 'ts through exposure, flushing, etc.

First of all, let's look at the materials we need to print.

Screen frame screen frame is used to support the entire screen screen frame.

Various specifications and sizes will be selected according to the actual application to the printing process.Now most of the aluminum alloy mesh frame

2 mesh screen printing industry, screen plate needs to use mesh, according to the requirements of printing to choose mesh number.

Mesh is the screen size unit, refers to the length of 1 inch (25.4 mm), the number of mesh.

A millimeter is a simple unit of length.

Because the screen production has the corresponding technical standards, different sizes of mesh screen has the specified diameter of the silk.

The higher the mesh number, the higher the accuracy of screen printing.

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