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Photo Emulsion

photo emulsion is used to make the pattern of the screen printing screen frame, and the film can also be taken to recycle the screen after it is done.

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diazo photo emulsion remover silk screen printing photo emulsion sensitizer

Photo emulsion, photosensitive film (also known as film film) are currently commonly used photosensitive materials. Photosensitive adhesives are generally divided into two types: single-liquid type and two-liquid type. Single-liquid type photosensitive adhesives have been mixed with photosensitizers in the latex during production, and can be used without preparation. Two-liquid photosensitive adhesives must be used before use. First dissolve the photosensitizer in water according to the formula, then dissolve it in the latex, stir it thoroughly and place it for 1-2 hours, and wait for the bubbles to disappear before using it.


Photosensitive adhesives can generally be divided into two types: solvent-resistant and water-resistant. Solvent-resistant photosensitive glue, resistant to various organic solvents, suitable for printing with oily inks; water-resistant photosensitive glue, suitable for printing with water-based inks (water-soluble printing coatings, such as textile printing pastes), the former can be removed from the screen Recycling; the latter generally cannot be stripped for recycling. The special water-resistant photosensitive glue includes nylon photosensitive glue and diazo photosensitive glue. The user must select the appropriate photoresist according to the printing object and refer to the relevant manual.

Photosensitive adhesives are screen-printing photosensitive materials used for direct plate-making, and can be divided into single-liquid type and two-liquid type. The single-liquid photosensitive adhesive has been added to the emulsion during production, and can be coated without preparation during use; the two-liquid photosensitive adhesive must be dissolved and released according to the formula instructions before use, and then dispersed and mixed in In latex, it can be applied after defoaming.

There are many types and varieties of photosensitive adhesives, and the formulas of the manufacturers are not consistent. When selecting, you can choose according to the requirements of the substrate and refer to the product manual.

The best solution of sampling


photos sensitive


1 bottle (1KG)


10 usd/each bottle


for silk screen printing


need to pay the shipping cost


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