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Super Sticky Glass Water Table

Cowint is a company engaged in the research of advanced printing pastes. It has a history of 25 years. Now it is a company integrating development, production and sales.

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Dongguan Cowint New Material Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on printing and dyeing materials,one company of ZHONGTIAN Group. Our company specializes in research and development, production and sale of medium and high grade printing materials,packaging water borne adhesives,water- based light oils and other printing and dyeing materials.

The company has set up two major production bases which covers an area of more than 18000 square meters, which are located in Dongguan Zhongtang & Dalang, annual production capacity of more than 20,000 tons.And company is the Top 10 enterprises in Chinese printing and dyeing industry area.

666A Super Sticky Glass Water Table




Product overview

Technical indicators

Scope of application



Milky white liquid

Suitable for glass table fixed mercerized cotton, modal, Odell, swimsuit cloth (nylon Lycra) and other smoother fabrics.

Super viscous, good water resistance, strong compatibility, and good adhesion to glass.

pH value




Instructions for use

A: New printed countertop

1) The surface of the new table skin should be polished first, mainly to remove the surface chemical composition, to avoid the phenomenon of re-sticking caused by the softening of the plasticizer.

2) Scrape and apply the adhesive directly on the polished and cleaned table surface. If necessary, after drying, you can repeat the application to increase the viscosity. After the adhesive is dry, you can spread the cloth (cloth) to the surface. The table can be produced by sticking tightly.

B: Old printed countertop

1) If the old tabletop has been using this Taiwan glue or the same system of Taiwan glue, you can directly use this glue.

2) If it is the first time to use this rubber on the old countertop, it should be cleaned and polished, treated with washing powder and water, and then wiped with clean water to clean the countertop. After it dries, apply the rubber directly.


1) After using for a period of time, the adhesion has decreased. You can use clean water or washing powder water to remove the hair and dust on the countertop. After it is dry, spread the cloth directly, or you can apply the countertop glue once, and then spread it after drying. Cloth use.

2) If the printed fabric does not need too much adhesion, you can add water to the water-based Taiwan glue to dilute it to reduce the viscosity.

Finished product performance

Test items


Detection method

Initial viscosity

Level 5

Internal standard: the initial viscosity of 1 to 5 increases successively



The plain weave cloth is sticked 5 times repeatedly

Soak in water


Soak in 1% washing powder water for 30 minutes.

Sticky back situation


Fix the cotton cloth and bake for 30 minutes at 50 degrees without sticking back to the cloth

Matters needing attention

Operation matters

Storage conditions

Emergency measures

Take safety protection measures during the printing process;

Please recycle the waste slurry and don't throw it away randomly.

Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse; keep away from heat and direct sunlight; keep the container tightly closed

After contact with skin and eyes, please wash with plenty of water. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor; if inhaled or swallowed, please consult a doctor.

Corresponding certificate


Mode of transport


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