Tongkun·China Fiber Trend 2022/2023 will be released soon, let's enjoy the "new" start of Chinese fiber together.
Time:Jun 18, 2022

Standing at every historical juncture, looking back on the past, what do we keep in our hearts? Looking forward to the future, what are we diligently pursuing?

For 2021, what imprint will each of us Chinese fiber people leave behind? It is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the original intention remains the same, and it is in full bloom; it is the historical intersection of the "two centenary goals" and the beginning of a new journey to build a socialist modern country in an all-round way; it is a record of the development of the chemical fiber industry one after another. With the growth of China Fiber, the Chinese fiber people are in high spirits and work hard.

On June 20th, Tongkun·China Fiber Trend 2022/2023 Conference invites you to gather in the cloud, the wonderful thing is not to be missed, we will see you!

In 2021, the chemical fiber industry will be fruitful - the profitability of the chemical fiber industry will reach a new high. The production and sales volume of carbon fiber has exceeded 10,000 tons, and the industry has achieved profits. Based on the national "3060 Dual-Carbon Goals", the Ruibang China Fiber Zero-Carbon Action was launched, showing China's fiber responsibility. The chemical fiber industry 5G + industrial Internet platform "Phoenix Platform" and "Nylon Filament 5G + Industrial Internet Platform" realize the intelligent manufacturing, service extension, network collaboration, and digital management of the chemical fiber industry. Three scientific and technological achievements won the second prize of the 2020 National Technological Invention Award, and one achievement won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

In 2022, what kind of answer sheet will China Fiber submit? Whatever your heart desires, follow the past. China Fiber, starting from "new" and moving towards the future together.

In 2022, China Fiber will start from "new" and "tough" to move China. In the face of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, as well as the complex economic forms and new situations at home and abroad, China Fiber has started from "new" and carefully built important barriers for accurate epidemic prevention and control. Masks and protective clothing are iteratively upgraded, reusable and comfortable. Breathable protective clothing, personalized, fashionable and warm. The "crude oil-PX-PTA-polyester-fabric whole industry chain integration" system project constructed by large polyester fiber enterprises reshapes the layout of chemical fiber supply chain under the economic background of domestic large circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation. Strengthen the toughness of the chemical fiber industry chain. Ingenuity contains Chinese temperature, technology accommodates the feelings of a big country, and Chinese fibers protect the world of fireworks with flexibility.

In 2022, China Fiber, starting from "new", "moves" China. In 2015, when China bid for the Winter Olympics, it put forward the promise of "letting 300 million people on ice and snow". In the national "14th Five-Year Plan", vigorously developing ice and snow sports has become one of the important strategies for a sports power and a healthy China. The climatic conditions of ice and snow sports are special. The thermal insulation material of uniforms can resist severe cold and wind and keep warm. At the same time, it needs to be breathable, moisture-permeable, light and comfortable, and balance the strong demand in complex scenes. Chinese fibers create instant heating, long-lasting heat storage, light, thin and comfortable, sweat-absorbing and breathable composite functional fibers, and "warm core" fibers help the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. The high-strength carbon fiber composite material of T800 grade, combined with the aerospace carbon fiber composite material molding process, has achieved a breakthrough from 0 to 1 in the double snowmobile of the Winter Olympics in my country. The 3D printed customized carbon fiber helmet fits the athlete's face to ensure the safety and comfort of the athlete in the game. The Beijing Winter Olympics "Feiyang" torch shell is made of high-temperature-resistant carbon fiber material, which solves the application bottleneck of carbon fiber composite materials under extreme conditions, and realizes the normal use of the torch shell in a hydrogen combustion environment above 800 °C. China Fiber uses technology to help a sports powerhouse.

In 2022, China Fiber will start from "new" and "green" will move China. The "two-carbon" goal is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The concept of harmonious coexistence and building a community of life between man and nature has far-reaching implications. Chinese fiber enterprises are responsible-oriented green enterprises. Credible platform for green fiber products builds China's own standard industry system, improves the reliability and traceability of China's green fiber products, and actually solves problems such as the difficulty in distinguishing the authenticity of products in the market and the incomplete information traceability chain of fiber materials in the entire industry chain. . China Fibers uses green design of products to control carbon at the source, reduce carbon through energy-saving and pollution-reducing synergistic processes, use new materials and new technologies to develop end-to-end carbon sequestration, and use the blockchain Internet of Things technology platform to control carbon. Whole-process monitoring, whole-system ecology, whole-factor low-carbon, whole-industry integration, and whole-life cycle green, Chinese fibers are dyed all over China with greenness.

In 2022, China Fiber, starting from "new", will move China with "quality". Keeping the word stable and seeking progress while maintaining stability have become the key words of China's economy in the future. "Those with rich roots are actually successful, and those with fertile ointments are full of light." The stable domestic economic environment has consolidated the foundation for the high-quality development of chemical fiber enterprises, and the stable industrial base has expanded the space for high-quality development of chemical fiber enterprises. The solid industrial chain integration advantage has accelerated the pace of high-quality development of chemical fiber enterprises. There should be progress while maintaining stability, and progress should be sought while maintaining stability. The widely used intelligent, flexible and precise process control makes the quality of chemical fiber products stable and enables Chinese fibers to win by quality. "The bright man changes with the times, the wise man rules according to the situation, and the strong take advantage of the situation to advance." Chinese fiber makes a fiber power country with quality.

China Fiber starts from a new beginning, and works hand in hand with every Chinese fiber person and every Chinese fiber enterprise to make a stronger future in China. Let us pay tribute to the past, respect the future, and bless China Fiber.

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