Heat melt powder
Time:Jan 04, 2022

Hot melt powder is a white powder (coarse powder: 80 mesh, medium powder 160 mesh, fine powder 200 mesh, 250 mesh) glue. Coarse powder is mainly used for flocking transfer printing, while fine powder is mainly used for film saccharification transfer printing. Due to its excellent tack properties, it is often used as a high quality hot melt adhesive in other industries.

hot melt adhesive

product name

hot melt powder


Other hot melt adhesives



Packaging Specifications


Adhesive material type plastic

Fibers, Metals, Others

product status

Color white powder

melting point


Melting range

initial melting:115°c

final melting:130°c

ironing temperature






Storage conditions

Dry storage for two years

1. Scope:

Hot melt powder for printing various textiles, leather paper, wood and other materials and for preparing paste of various adhesives. Gel water resistance, good resistance, fast drying speed, I do not block the mesh, does not affect the color of the ink, belongs to the new environmental protection material.

2. Its characteristics are as follows:

(1). Mild adhesion conditions ensure excellent washing resistance (up to 60 degrees water wash) and dry wash resistance

(2). Feels soft, good resistance

(3). Good chemical stability can be satisfied under room conditions without deterioration

(4). Organic environmental products that are harmless to the human body

3rd place:

(1) Heat transfer printing

(2) Pa printed glue paste

(3) Online printing

(4) Perm and flocking print

(5) Hot melt adhesive

4. Suggestions for hot transfer printing and hot dyeing process

Particle size: 80-200 m

Water-based ink at low temperature first remove the remnants of the empty melt powder, then the used tunnel kiln 120-140 c, time 1-2 minutes, the surface of the Thermal transfer adhesive hot melt powder can be micro-melted.2) Thermosetting ink + hot melt powder recommended dried 120-140 degrees 1 -2 minutes. The surface of the hot melt powder can be micro-melted and the powder cannot be dropped.

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