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Direct To Film Transfer Printer for DTF Printing

Cowint is a professional digital direct to film transfer printer manufacturer. Lift-type aluminum digital printer, printing speed 4pass\30m², 6pass\20m², 8pass\14m², can meet the requirements of quantity while ensuring quality.

Product Details

direct to film transfer printer


Cowint printer has 4 staggered EPSON-I3200 print heads. direct to film transfer printer can achieve high printing speed under small printing width. The first nozzle is used for white ink and the second is used for CMYK ink. The printer is equipped with a white ink circulation stirring system, stable printing and long life of the print head. The mechanical parts and ink system used in digital offset hot stamping printer borrow large-format printers, so the equipment is reliable and has a long service life.

DTF Printer Advantages

direct to film printer

1.Simple operation

2. Equipment covers a small area, low input costs.

3. Water-like ink is safe and environmentally friendly, and the service life of the nozzle is long.

4. Fine lines can be printed, washing logo, precise, colorful, no cutting waste, unlimited transfer fabrics and colors.

5.Printing personality customization, suitable for the immediate order fast reverse characteristics.

Printer parameters

Product Name

Digital Offset Heat Press Printer

Machine Type


Nozzle model


Number of nozzles

1-2 (white color)

Print Banner


Heating System

Front, Middle And Rear Hating

Print Media

PET Heat Hransfer Film/Cold Tear/Hot Tear

Printing Software


Operating System


Power Supply

50HZ/60HZ, 20V/110V, 10A

Network Interface

Network cable/RJ-45 Gigabit Network Interface

Color Management

ICC or Density Curve

Assembly Machine Size


Machine Weight


Machine Packing Size



Paint ink (environmental protection) Color: CMYK+W Compatible volume: 300ml

Color gamut: 16.4million; ink supply: continuous ink supply, fastness: 4.5

Print Speed

EPSON-I3200 4pass\30m² 6pass\20m² 8pass\14m²

Product application

Cowint digital printer is a printing machine that integrates appearance and intelligence. It only needs to design a logo on a computer to digitally output a large area of thermal transfer labels required in the market, and quickly generate textiles, leather, plastic, wood. , metal, glass, ceramics and other personalized paste product packaging logo.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.